Solidarity: poetry and prose

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When a woman has a baby, she becomes a mother. Her baby giggles, coos and plays, while she smiles a lot and everything is bliss, every moment full of love. Except, we are not in a movie! What really happens to a mother once she’s had a baby? What emotions run riot throughout her body? What thoughts tear her mind apart? What simplicity pieces her back together?

I use my experiences to address these questions in Solidarity: poetry and prose; a collection of 42 poems and prose which closely explores the invisible realities of motherhood.

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Solidarity: poetry and prose supports and empowers other women and mothers with a dose of audacious reality. Solidarity encourages new mothers to open up difficult conversations, about how they are feeling, with loved ones. Solidarity resets perspectives on society’s norms, smashes it up with beauty and motivates women to explore their own ideas about parenting. New mothers can share portions of poetry, with their loved ones, as a means of expressing themselves. It will help mothers-to-be understand what can be expected with the fluctuation of hormones once they have had a baby. Most importantly, it will help to raise awareness about the normality of fluctuating emotions and the diversity of experiences that mothers may face – thus, making women everywhere feel more confident and empowered to talk about how they are feeling and potentially, save lives. 


3 reviews for Solidarity: poetry and prose

  1. Zehra Sheikh

    This is a beautifully written collection of words to capture motherhood. It’s unreal how similar my experiences were, right down to those sad, dark thoughts. The words are honest and raw- I literally sat by the front door where I’d opened my delivery and read it. Her words ring so true to me, having had my first child in 2017. It’s still so relevant to me now as a mum of 2.

    Solidarity: poetry and prose
    Solidarity: poetry and prose
  2. Kate M

    This is a beautiful beautiful book which got me through many a lonely moment! I loved it so much I got a copy for a friend. Sometimes you just need to hear you are not alone and solidarity does just that. I keep it by my bed and refer back to my favourite poems every now and then!

  3. Jessica (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful written poetry and prose book. As a mother, i can relate to every piece of writing. Every challenge you may face in your motherhood journey this small but very powerful book will help you and make sure you are confident that everything will turn out to be fine.

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