Leopard Print Breastfeeding Hoodie

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£23.00 £15.00
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The classic leopard print makes this hoodie a timeless piece for any wardrobe at any time.

The hoodie is made from lightweight materials so it is perfect for all seasons. Simply layer it over one of our long sleeve, easy access breastfeeding tops for extra warmth in the cooler months or have it draped (stylishly) over your shoulders during the spring and summer for extra warmth and protection.

However you choose to wear this, you’ll look fab and be able to feed freely.

This breastfeeding hoodie features two vertical zips to allow for easy access to the breasts, even for tandem feeders. Yay!


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  1. I LOVE these hoodies so much. Its so nice to be able to nurse while wearing something where I still feel like ‘me’. I’ve always loved a bit of leopard print! Tbh it fits really nicely and I’m pretty sure I’m still gonna she wearing it when we’ve finished nursing!

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