Friend Support Lover Thank You Hug Card

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Celebrate unity ✨ companionships ✨ friends and lovers.

Show someone you love them with this beautiful card.


This beautifully designed card is minimalistic in nature but packs in so much meaning. This card is for those who support us, love us, and have our back no matter what.

This card depicts two people embracing each other in all of their beauty and with all of their flaws.

Show the ones you love that you are grateful for them with this card.

Inside of the card has been left blank for you to write your own personal message. Cards are much more meaningful that way.

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There is a fine line between fiction and reality; whichever of the two lie more closely to my truth, of that you shall read.

Each word I write is a breath of life, an exhale, a setting free of the soul.

For now, I have but a few passions in life; that is to write and create and to travel and assimilate.


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