G I V E A W A Y Disclaimer
Mother’s Day Giveaway
Three prizes are up for grabs, so you’re three times more likely to win! Gift vouchers for breastfeeding clothes in my store.
1 – £15 Gift Voucher (100% off)
2 – £10 Gift Voucher
3 – £5 Gift Voucher
How to Enter:
1. Follow @chicanddiscreet on Instagram, Facebook and/or Vero
2. Name the awkward pose in my next post
3. Tag two other mummy friends who’d love to win aswell
The funniest names that grab my attention will most likely win. Winners will be selected based on the fulfilment of the criteria above.
Please check for further information on the website –
All giveaways are available internationally but shipping costs may be your responsibility if you are situated outside of the UK.
It is your responsibility to check to see if your are the winner at the specified time. Giveaway winner will be valid for 72 hours from time of announcement before a new winner is nominated.