About The Founder

Hi, I’m Chaneen Saliee and I am the founder of the Chic + Discreet Brand!


You know why I’ve started it (that’s if you’ve read the About The Brand page), now here’s a little bit about me.

  1. I over over over use exclamations marks so much that I get embarrassed when I re read something I’ve written!
  2. I love (love love) to repeat and emphasize because I feel that it’s the only way people can feel the electricity of what I am saying.
  3.  I prefer the American spellings for most things, except for the word colour/color (urgh)! Even though I am a die-hard brit. Just hear me talk.
  4. On-going with the American fascination, I speak and think in a range of American accents all all all the time!
  5. I graduated uni with a first class degree in English and English Literature! (goodness, these exclamation marks are killing me).
  6. I have every intention of publishing a book one day.
  7. I am so so so good at starting things and not finishing them.
  8. My favorite food changes every week. Right now it is something ‘exotic’ called Egusi soup – google it!
  9. I am a teacher of English at secondary school / high school. So I’ve been talking about my ‘Kids’ for a good couple of years now!
  10. I have flown a plane – I call it a fighter jet plane because I didn’t listen when they told me the actual name of it.