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Dungarees and Jumper Chic + Discreet
Glasses EA Eyewear

Dungarees are a controversial piece of any wardrobe, apparently.

I learned a long time ago, way before the prospect of motherhood that it was a staple piece for moms. Now I know why!


Dungarees make it easy to breastfeed discreetly. Just pull the front panel over and secretly feed to the side. No cleavage, no side boob, no exposed nips!

Wear your dungarees without anything underneath. Simply throw on a bomber or a blazer (goodness, why does fashion have to sound so dangerous?) and you’re good to go!

In the colder months, chuck on a crop jumper underneath or a hoodie over the top.

And go, go and be free beauties, be free to feed in chic comfort!


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